Most of my clients find me through the success of someone they know, usually a person who
has sought my services to help them combat and overcome chronic illnesses such as Lyme's
disease, cancer, or some other long term unresolved or undiagnosed illness. In my natural
health practice, I am committed in assisting my clients with their efforts to maintain wellness
through the use of nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, and other natural means.
I respect the concept of a blended system in healthcare and focus my attention toward
wellness and prevention. During times of health crisis, whether acute or chronic, I rely on
these same natural methods to support the body in it's own healing efforts. I use a holistic
approach to healing. For example, in situations where a person is experiencing constipation
or has been diagnosed by a medical doctor as having eczema, we would begin by focusing
on the function of the liver. If someone has chronic candida we would look at things that might
create an environment conducive to yeast  overgrowth, such as diet, parasites, and PH
 What we often see as the problem can be a symptom that relates to other
underlying conditions. The goal is to eliminate the problem, not engage in a permanent
situation of just managing the symptoms.

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Electro Dermal Screening
In my Berry Hill office at 2929 Berry Hill Drive, I offer Computerized Electro Dermal
Screening (often referred to as  bio-energetic testing). With  information acquired with this
amazing technology, I am better able to assist my clients in making  informed choices
regarding nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic supplements and general lifestyle
(for more information visit our  Screenings  page)
Not only do I offer commercially made nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic products,
but I have a  line of botanical skin care products, handcrafted from organic or ethically
wildcrafted herbs. These products can be custom made to suit your specific
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Richard Hall, C.C.H.
Certified Clinical Herbalist,
Member of The American Herbalist Guild,since 2001
The office is now located in a quiet neighborhood
just off I-65 south in Berry Hills, next to 100 Oaks
Mall. The new location is less than 7 minutes from
the previous office and is in a 1,200 sq ft stand alone
business. I share the space with other like minded
professionals that offer services in massage, medical
Qigong,,acupuncture and more.

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Telephone: 615-292-2313
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In Nashville Tennessee, White Hawk Health provides natural healthcare using herbs, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements.  We are the premier natural health center in Nashville, providing holistic healthcare to the community.  Nashville’s natural healthcare is at its best at White Hawk Health. You may have considered acupuncture and Chinese herbs, but at White Hawk Health we are the natural health source in Nashville. We practice alternative
medicine and complementary medicine and are at the top of the list for natural healthcare in Nashville. Our herbalists are natural health practitioners and we use a holistic health approach and incorporate alternative medicine techniques. Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture utilize some of the same techniques as the herbalist at White hawk Health, Nashville’s natural healthcare provider.   As an herbalist in Nashville my approach is much like the traditional
naturopath.  A naturopathic physician and an herbalist or a homeopath, all practice natural medicine and prescribe to natural healing. There are more herbalists in Nashville than naturopathic physicians. As an herbalist in Nashville, I work with several medical doctors and compliment their therapies.  If you are searching for a homeopath or for compound homeopathic remedies, you will find them at white Hawk health. We help people with various ailments such as high
blood pressure, weight loss, natural hormone replacement, skin rash, neck pain dry itchy skin, low or hypo thyroid and much more. The level of natural healthcare in Nashville is expanding rapidly. We have years of experience in the natural healthcare field, here in Nashville TN. In Nashville, natural health care at White Hawk Health is health care you can count on. If you are searching for an herbalist or a holistic health care provider, come see us at White Hawk Health
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